We are HOPE not hate, leading anti-racism organisation and premier anti-fascist campaign.

For the past 14 years, we’ve been leading the fight against fascists and extremists internationally — using a potent blend of research, undercover operatives, and public engagement to close down the spaces that Nazis and white supremacists operate in. 

Our work is twofold: 

  • We undermine extremist organizations from the inside out,
  • We help build communities that are inclusive, celebrate shared identities, and are resilient to hate.

In the UK, we have been instrumental in the political defeat of several far-fight political parties, in the banning of a dangerous neo-nazi movement by the British government, and mounted the campaign that was central to defeating the fascist British National Party at a time when it was winning 40% of the vote in some working-class communities. 

We led the campaign to prevent UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader, Nigel Farage – a close friend of Donald Trump and prominent Fox News contributor – from being elected to the British parliament. 

And our undercover operatives have infiltrated white supremacists, extremist and Nazi groups throughout Europe and beyond.