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Undercover With The Alt-Right
The New York Times, 19/09/17

Mr. Hermansson, who was sent undercover by the British anti-racist watchdog group Hope Not Hate, spent months insinuating himself into the alt-right, using his Swedish nationality (many neo-Nazis are obsessed with Sweden because of its “Nordic” heritage) as a way in. It wasn’t always easy. “You want to punch them in the face,” he told me of the people he met undercover. “You want to scream and do whatever — leave. But you can’t do any of those things. You have to sit and smile.”

The Swede who infiltrated American Nazis

In August of the same year he stood in the same park in Charlottesville as the former Ku Klux Klan-leader David Duke, protesting the planned removal of the statue of Confederate general Robert E Lee. When a right-wing extremist hit counter protester Heather Heyer with a car, killing her, Patrik Hermansson was only ten metres away.

Anti-fascist activist goes undercover with 'alt right' to expose movement's rapid European expansion
The Independent, 20/09/17

Speaking of his experiences infiltrating the network of white supremacists, Patrik Hermansson said: “For almost a year I’ve been at the heart of a world of extreme racism, antisemitism, Holocaust denial, esoteric Nazi rituals and wild conspiracy theories.“What I found was a movement that sometimes glorifies Nazi Germany, openly supports genocidal ideas and is unrelentingly racist, sexist and homophobic.”

A gay Swedish antifascist spent a year undercover with white supremacists. Here’s what he found.
ThinkProgress, 20/09/17

During an extensive undercover investigation of the far right by openly gay Swedish antifascist activist, white nationalists bragged about their connections with the White House and said their movement would end with “concentration camps and expulsion and war.”

Meet the 25-year old Swede who went undercover to expose the alt-right
EXPO, 20/09/17

Patrik Hermansson, long-time contributor to Expo, spent a year undercover in the British branch of the alt-right movement, on a mission from the anti-fascist organisation Hope not Hate. The journey took him deep into the heart of the movement – and to the United States.

‘It’s gonna end with concentration camps’: Alt-right executive boasts of a future Europe with Hitler on their money
Raw Story, 20/09/17

Jorjani also claimed to have connections within the Trump administration, and to even have spoken to the president himself.

“The scary thing about the Alt Right Corp and Jason Jorjani is that they’re building a media empire,” Hermansson said at the beginning of the video, citing the website Jorjani runs with the help of notorious figures like Richard Spencer.

Newsweek, 20/09/17

In the Hope not Hate report, Hermansson writes about meeting Jorjani: "I ask about AltRight Corporation and its aims and objectives and he explains how it is a “government in waiting.” But then, out of nowhere, as though it was no big deal, he says: “We had connections in the Trump administration, we were going to do things!”